Foot Fungus Amongus
November 24, 2014

  Our friends at Wake - The Foot Sanctuary & Shop lets us get the word out of the Foot Fungus Amongus....Check it out!!! 

Crossfoot: 5 tips to finding the right shoes for crossfit
October 21, 2014

With CrossFit being the latest workout that is all the craze, do you have the right shoe gear to conquer your workout? Here are 5 tips to find the right shoes that will put the “fit” in CrossFit! LightweightThe...

Can I get athlete's foot from my yoga mat?
October 10, 2014

  Southern Hospitality answers the question: Can I get athlete's foot from my yoga mat? Courtesy of YouBeauty! Putting your best FEET forward, SH

5 Ways to Keep Your Feet Infection-Free in Public Places
September 24, 2014

Whether you’ve made the trek off to college or have a knack for going barefoot in public facilities, there is no doubt that you will need to protect yourself from the dreaded staph infection. Not just any staph infection, but...