Citrus Blossom

  A medley of white grapefruit, neroli, tangerine, jasmine, and sparkling musk gives an elegant twist to the common citrus scent.

  It’s just like the real thing.  Summah breeze and palm trees not included.

  Country Meadow
  Think walking through an endless field of relaxing, calming lavender. Exactly. Now who says you have to stop and smell the roses?

                Puts you in the mood of a well dressed man. Earthy sandalwood mixed with patchouli and sage creates a blend that is oh so cool.

  Georgia Peach
  So sweet, so keen, juuust PEACHY!

  Honeysuckle Orange
  Vibrant, sweet, and a big ol’ kiss of citrus. SMACK!

  Lemon Pucker
  Refreshing like a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. Who knew sour could be so sweet?!

    Delicate and floral, magnolia is combined in harmony with ylang ylang, grapefruit, and lily to make this a true southern gem.

      Mint Julep
      A cool soothing cocktail of peppermint oil and lavender that's topped off with spearmint. No need to hold your horses...enjoy! 

   Mr. Right
   Just call it a gentleman in a jar. A delightful blend of patchouli, sweet orange, and honey that’s a real keeper.

   Sunday’s Best
   As fresh as a bowtie, suspenders, and seersucker, this heavenly scent is airy and clean.

  Sweet Almond
  A warm, nutty scent, with a touch of honey.  Smells good enough to eat!