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Our Story

Hey y'all, Southern Hospitality here.  Welcome to our shop!  This business started as an idea in 2007.  When I was in medical school I started thinkin’ about other ways to add value to my future practice.  I figured I could come up with some sort of foot product to help my patients.  So, I started researching ways to create a foot cream--one that was natural without all of the harmful ingredients, yet still effective.  Then the Missus asked, “Why do all of the foot products look so boring and medicinal?”  So true!  Our feet are so important yet the most neglected part of our body.  And the products on the shelves seem to reflect that way of thinking.  That’s when we set out to change the face of footcare products.   One foot cream turned into an entire line and Southern Hospitality was born!  
We're dedicated to bringing an awareness to preventative foot care through natural beauty products--all with a southern charm. We take pride in creating our products by hand in small batches using the highest quality of ingredients.

Southern Hospitality:  Charming. Distinguished. Natural.