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Turf War


The Seattle Seahawks get set to battle the Denver Broncos at Super bowl XLVIII. But, that may not be the only nemesis that these two teams may be squaring off against this Sunday. Turf toe is a common condition that has slowed the play- and even ended the careers- of many football players. Its name stems from the synthetic “turf” that is commonly played-on by many athletes (most notably, football players). The injury occurs when the player’s cleat becomes firmly planted into the turf as their big toe joint becomes hyperextended (Seen below).


(Figure 1)

As a result, the big toe joint becomes sprained, causing damage to the muscles, ligaments, joint capsule, and bones surrounding the joint.

(Figure 2)

Players often complain of tenderness and swelling around the joint and serious pain with range of motion.

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