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Sandal Season Survival Series TIP #1: You Gotta Have Sole

When getting to the bottom of finding the right sandals for summer, you always want to pay very close attention to the soles. A sole-ful sandal is a safer sandal that provides you with the proper cushioning, comfort, and support. Sandals that have a thicker sole (atleast ½ inch thick) are ideal. That means: Flip Flops BEWARE. Sure, they may be oh-so-convenient to slide on your feet and go on with your day, but no arch support and a flimsy sole can often make them a not-so-wise option. If you are ever unsure if you sandals are suitable for wearing, you should perform a flexion test and torsion test. Ladies, if height is what you crave, wedged sandals are best rather than heels. A wider base gives you greater support, balance, and comfort. Rubber or even cork are suitable sole materials that provide support.  Cork is highly recommended as it can conform to the shape of your feet. So here's to fun- AND comfort- in the sun this summer!

Stay tuned for TIP #2!

Putting your best FEET forward,

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