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Crossfoot: 5 tips to finding the right shoes for crossfit

With CrossFit being the latest workout that is all the craze, do you have the right shoe gear to conquer your workout? Here are 5 tips to find the right shoes that will put the “fit” in CrossFit!

The key for any CrossFit workout is to allow your feet to perform in as close to a minimalistic natural state as possible. The rigors of CrossFit subjects your body to maximum physical exertion. There’s no need to carry anymore unnecessary weight on an already taxing workout. Remember, any shoe for CrossFit should yield the feeling and freedom of being shoeless while providing the comfort and protection of a proper fitting shoe.
CrossFit Activities of Interest: Running, Box jumping, Jump rope

Minimal Heel to Toe Drop
Your heel should not be in a raised position when sporting the ideal CrossFit kick. Having increased cushioning in heel- as opposed to the forefoot- can transfer too much weight towards the toes with any activities involving planting your feet firmly. Also, increased cushioning in the heel promotes premature heel strike impact when landing, giving way to increased pressures to the heel that can be detrimental long term. Instead, cushioning should be as consistant as possible from heel to toe. This allows for pressure and shock absorption to disperse evenly across your feet with activity.
CrossFit Activities of Interest: Any crossfit activity

Minimal Tread
It is always best to “tread lightly” when on lookout for the right shoes for CrossFit. Less tread on the outsole creates more stability, allowing you to stand firm. Shoes with more extensive treading can cause you to lose your footing which may lead to injury.
CrossFit Activities of Interest: Burpee, Squats, Lunges

Wide Toe Box
Our feet naturally expands outward (called splaying) with weightbearing or establishing a firm stable stance. That’s why you want to make sure to find the right shoes with a toe box that can accommodate for the expansion. But take care to not sport shoes that give too much room. Find shoes that are roomy enough for comfort, but snug enough to prevent side-to-side movement.
CrossFit Activities of Interest: Deadlifting, Kettlebell swinging, Tire flipping

An intense crossfit workout is best tackled with shoes that are made with breathable- often mesh- material. As heat build-up mounts, mesh lining provides increased ventilation helping control sweating which can minimize problems such as chaffing, foot odor, slippage within the shoe, and the formation of blisters.
Crossfit Activities of Interest: Any crossfit activity

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