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Arch Frenemies

Do your shoes leave your feet aching after a long day or a grueling workout? There’s a great chance that you could be in need of proper fitting arch supports, to relieve your pain. Whether they are over-the-counter or custom made arch supports (orthotics), we have 5 rules you should follow to help make shoes a FRIEND not a FOE to your daily activities!

Make Room!

Always check to see if the insoles inside your shoes can be removed, before inserting new arch supports. Inserting arch supports without removing the insoles can “crowd” your shoe, making for a tight and uncomfortable fit.

Left Foot, Right Foot

Is there still something about the fit of your supports that is not quite right? Then you want to make sure that you have the correct arch support in the correct shoe. The solution? Label you supports LEFT and RIGHT to ensure you’re placing your inserts into the correct shoes.

Easy Does It

It is always a great idea to not go full throttle when prancing around with your new arch supports (esp. custom orthotics). Instead, start by wearing the inserts 1-2 hours, then increase by 1-2 hours each day. This gives your feet an opportunity to adjust to your new inserts, preventing further discomfort.

One Size Fits All (of your shoes)

On the hunt for a new pair of kicks? Don’t forget your arch supports! Inserting them into any new shoes of interest provides you with the best idea of whether those new shoes are truly the right fit.

No Fit, No Good

If you follow the rules above and continue to experience discomfort with your newfound inserts, do not hesitate to contact your podiatrist. They can answer questions, provide general supervision, and even work to correct arch supports that are problematic.

Putting your best FEET forward,




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