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Show Me Your Sole


Hillary Clinton was delivering a speech at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries meeting today at the Mandalay Bay Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas when a disgruntled unidentified woman was taken into custody after hurling a shoe at the former US Secretary of State. Hillary WAS able to sidestep the oncoming “kick.”

What does shoe throwing mean, you ask?....

Shoe throwing is an offensive gesture native to Middle Eastern culture. Simply put, your shoes touch all the filth on the ground. By throwing your shoe at someone, you are “throwing dirt at that person,” the ultimate sign of disrespect. To take it a step further, the poor often could not afford shoes, exposing their feet to the filth of the ground, while the wealthy wore shoes (protecting their feet from the dirt). Exposure to the dirt and filth signified a lack of class and intellect.

Putting you best FEET forward,

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