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Hit the Road

Springtime means sunshine, flowers blooming, birds chirping, and the arrival of marathon season. But as you gear up for your treacherous trek, do your running shoes have what it takes to go the distance? We gotcha covered!

It’ll Be All Light
Any long distance runner should always look to wear running shoes that are lightweight in nature. Shoes that are less bulky means that your legs and feet are carrying less weight, which improves a runner’s endurance during extensive runs.

A Soft Landing
Great shock absorption in your midsole and heel will keep your feet primed and ready for running. The impact of your feet as your heel strikes and plants into the ground can be up to 3 times your body weight. Factor in up to 26.2 miles of running and your feet are subject to a serious pounding.

Law of A-Traction
A long-lasting outsole gives you the best opportunity to stay upright as you march to the finish line. The outsole provides traction against rough surfaces- like dirt and pavement- to prevent cases of slip and fall. In addition, the outsole determines the flexibility of your running shoe. A proper outsole should allow your running shoe to bend ONLY at the ball of the foot.

Putting you best FEET forward,

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