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Sandal Season Survival Series TIP #3: What Lies Beneath


No sandal season is officially underway without finding and sporting the perfect shade of nail polish. But as you polish those lil’ piggies, you may be surprised to know that it's highly recommended that you routinely inspect your nails WITHOUT polish for any lurking signs of skin cancer. We know this may sound like awful news for your summer-ready-pedi but skin cancer can rear its ugly head right under your pretty polished nails. What should you look for? The most notable change can be indicative of malignant melanoma, where a linear mark of increased pigmentation- Hutchinson’s sign- forms on the nail bed (skin underneath the nail). It is also a good idea to examine your cuticles for warts or lesions and the nail itself for any deformities. Every 1-3 months is a suggested time to give your nails a look-see (or sooner depending on your level of sun exposure or prior history of skin cancer). There are brands of nail polish that make the claim of providing UV protection against skin cancer, but it is still recommended that you remove your nail polish periodically to inspect your nails for any possible changes. You cannot check your nails enough and always remember: EARLY DETECTION IS KEY!!

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