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5 Areas You Don’t Want to Forget to Apply Sunscreen

So you think you’ve slathered on your sunscreen and are ready for a day of fun in the sun…but have you considered these areas? You better!

From HEAD…


Whether you’re bald or have long luscious locks, an exposed scalp should not be taken lightly for sun protection. Even the smallest part in your (hair)do can reveal enough skin for the sun to do damage. Studies show that melanoma on the scalp can result in a faster rate of death than any other part of the body.


Arms, legs, and face…CHECK! But did you get your ears? They are the 3rd most common site for skin cancer from the sun and should NEVER go untouched. If sunscreen for your ears doesn’t tickle your fancy, try a nice hat with a wide brim to shield you from the sun.


Did you miss a spot with your sunscreen, but can’t figure out where? It could be right under your nose- literally! That’s right the thinner skin and lack of melanin in your lips make them especially vulnerable to the damage from harmful sun rays. It’s best to use lip balm with SPF to keep your kisser in good condition!


They assist you in applying sunscreen to every other part of your body but it’s easy to forget they need a little help being protected from the sun. The palms may be slathered with sunscreen, but don’t forget the back of your hands.



Going barefoot or wearing sandals means your feet are largely uncovered. That makes your feet very susceptible to sun’s harmful rays. Take care to apply sunscreen to the tops & soles of the feet. Don’t forget between the toes! It is a common hideout spot for melanoma of the feet that should NEVER go unnoticed! Don’t forget the nails!

Putting your best FEET forward,

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