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Dx Beach Feet: 4 Ways to Heal Your Summer Heels

Summertime fun means sporting sandals or- in many cases- going barefoot, that exposes your feet to the harsh elements of the season. Check out these 4 tips that are just what the doctor ordered to heal your summer heels!

It’s just not enough to let the water and suds trickle down to your feet when showering and claim that they are clean. A barefoot day at the beach or a simple saunter in your favorite flip-flops can expose your feet to all sorts of yuck-n-muck. The solution? Take care to give your feet a thorough washing DAILY (that means rubbin’ and scrubbin’). Foot washing is like hand washing and should be done routinely. It is also a great idea to soak your feet with warm water and Epsom salt. Soaking your feet provides a one-two punch of deodorizing and drawing out toxins to keep them funk-free!

Bacteria, Virus, and Fungus….oh my! Your feet can become infected with any of these “beauties” with any cuts or openings of the skin. Whether you have the displeasure of stepping on rocks, shells, or any foreign object openings of the skin can be dangerous- large and small. That’s why it is essential to regularly inspect your feet for any open wounds or lesions that may be present. Warts can indicate viruses (such as HPV), while redness, swelling, and/or itching can be signs of bacterial (E. coli) or fungal (Athlete’s foot) infections.

Unforgiving surfaces such as hot sand and pavement can lead to a load of calluses on the feet. To transition your feet from rough to smooth, exfoliate the callused areas. Be careful to ALWAYS exfoliate WET skin- preferably when showering or soaking. Tools, such as pumice stones or foot files are most aggressive, but scrubs can also do the trick.

Once you remove the skin you don’t want, you always want to show a lil love to the skin you do want. And nothing says T-L-C like a rich moisturizer. A daily slather of moisturizer to clean feet smoothes the skin and provides nutrients to make your feet very supple. It’s the perfect finish to healing those summer heels!

Oh!...and as always, if you’re going to continue to be out in the sun… DON’T forget the sunscreen!!

Putting your best FEET forward,

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