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5 Ways to Keep Your Feet Infection-Free in Public Places

Whether you’ve made the trek off to college or have a knack for going barefoot in public facilities, there is no doubt that you will need to protect yourself from the dreaded staph infection. Not just any staph infection, but MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). Staph infections are spread through skin-to-skin contact. However, MRSA is a form of bacteria that is resistant to common antibiotics used to treat other forms of staph infections. Contact with MRSA can range from just a simple pimple on the skin to a severely invasive infection that can lead to amputation. College dorms, gyms, locker rooms, public pools and hospitals are all common breeding grounds for MRSA. Here are 5 ideas to follow to keep your feet infection-free!

Protect Open Wounds: Any cuts, wounds, or breaks in the skin give easy access for bacteria to invade your body and cause an infection. The solution? Make sure these areas are securely covered to prevent being infected. It is also great as an added precaution to inspect your feet regularly depending on how frequent you share public facilities.

Wash Feet Daily: Simple hygiene can work wonders to fight off the chances of infection. A daily routine of washing your feet when bathing- that means rubbin’ and scrubbin’- is the most essential task to wash away harmful bacteria.

Wash Socks After Use: The warmth and moisture from your feet absorbed by your socks can allow bacteria to fester. You should never where the same pair of socks for consecutive workouts. Instead, wash them after working out and sport a fresh clean pair for each workout.

Always Wear Flip-Flops: Just because you may practice good hygiene, does not mean those around you have the same habits. You should NEVER walk barefoot on warm, wet public surfaces- such as college dorm showers, gyms, locker rooms, and public pools. The bacteria and germs from the skin of others carry can be easily passed on in these environments. It is always a good idea to wear flip flops to help protect your feet from infection on suspect surfaces.

Don’t Share Personal Items: Sharing is NOT caring in the case of MRSA. Personal items such as towels, razors, shoes, or even socks can bring you in direct contact with the bacteria. Even if another person’s item may appear to be clean, don’t trust it! You run the risk of not truly finding out until it is too late.

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