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Who Gives A........FOOT!?!

When our feet hurt, we hurt all over…




Walk the aisles of any major retailer, and you will likely find an endless selection of products crowding the shelves ranging from fancy shampoos and conditioners to anti-aging under eye & face creams. But while these products may be the answer to our prayers for healthy shiny locks or a youthful, revitalized kisser…………there still leaves one question to be answered.

What about our feet?

Our feet do so much for us. Yet, most of us don’t even think twice about caring for our feet UNTIL there’s a problem. This lack of TLC for our feet is reflected in the lack of products to choose from on these very shelves. Sure, you may find the occasional foot cream or the ever-popular athlete’s foot ointments/sprays, but consideration for the foot is very much an after-thought. There are products that set out to make sure your feet are comfortable once they are in a pair of shoes, BUT we want to make sure your feet are in top condition BEFORE you wear that perfect pair.

OUR GOAL: to bring awareness to preventative foot care through natural beauty products- all with a southern charm.

Gone are the days of medicinal, drab, and boring products for the foot. We want to make taking care of your feet a pleasure, NOT a chore. We are dedicated to making products that you will be proud to display on your nightstand, NOT hidden in your medicine cabinet.

We want to create a world where there’s an array of products available from head to toe- with emphasis on the TOE!

So here’s to putting your best FEET forward……

 Southern Hospitality: Charming. Distinguished. Natural.

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