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AGONY OF THE FEET: 4 Essential Steps for Healthier Feet



With an average of 3,000-5,000 steps taken daily, our feet are subject to more than their share of exposure to undesirable conditions- day-to-day activities, improper shoe gear, sweating, walking barefoot, etc.-that bring on an onslaught of abuse.  Yet most of us don’t even bother to wash our feet when we are in the shower. We lather-up every other part of our bodies and simply let the water and suds fall to our feet, without even a thought (talk about a trickle-down-effect). Next to the heart, our feet are one of (if not THE) most important parts of the body, but are greatly underappreciated.

Our feet take care of us, NOW it’s high time we return the favor!

Feast your eyes on 4 essential steps for healthier feet!

(Oh and did I mention they ALL can be done at home?…..AMEN!)


1.       Soaking

·         What:  A great way to wind down your day. Epsom salt foot soaks reduces stress, relieves tired achy feet, and draws out the dirt and toxins your feet accumulates throughout the day.

·        How: Take a foot basin and fill with 8 cups of warm (NOT hot) water, mix with ~5oz of Epsom salt. Double the amount of Epsom salt and mix with warm soothing bath (Ahhh!)

·         When: 3 to 4 times weekly

·         Don’t forget:  A great aid for sweaty and smelly feet. Excessive use can cause dryness, be sure to ALWAYS follow-up with a moisturizer for a reliable one-two combo.


2.       Scrubbing

·         What: A great exfoliant is a MUST to remove dead cells and unveil shiny healthy skin.

·         How: Message into feet giving special attention to rough heels and callused areas.

·         When: 3 to 4 times weekly

·         Don’t Forget: Make sure to apply to dampened skin, preferably after soaking or bathing. Be mindful of your exfoliant of choice.  Large granules (i.e. coarse sea salt) can cause abrasions and skin irritation (Not fun). Can’t go wrong with sugar scrubs… ALWAYS a great option!


3.       Moisturizing

·         What: A rich foot cream creates a protective sheen that seals in hydration and moisture.

·      How: Liberally apply the cream onto your feet, giving special attention to heels and calluses.

·         When: 1 to 2 times daily

·         Don’t Forget: Best used after scrubbing away those pesky dead skin cells, to allow better penetration for foot cream. Put on a nice comfy pair of clean cotton socks after applying cream before bedtime to further lock in moisture.


4.       Powdering

·         What: Foot powder wards off excess moisture eliminating sweaty feet.

·         How: Give the inside of your shoes, the soles of your feet, and in between the toes a nice dusting.

·         When: 1 to 3 times daily

·         Don’t Forget: Less moisture equals no breeding ground for bacteria to cause foot odor. Clean dry cotton socks and drying (dab dry NOT wipe) clean feet can also help in keeping your feet odor-free!


So there you go! You are well on your way to reviving your feet and making them look (and feel) absolutely HEAVENLY!

Won’t you share your thoughts on the steps mentioned?

Any routines you’ve found to keep your feet good enough to walk on water?

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Putting your best FEET forward,


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January 16, 2013

Ran across your blog looking for something to help my feet, and the care (or lack of). These are great tips!! Going to try to stick to the regimen you suggest, and hope I notice an improvement in the health of my feet!

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