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SOLE SEARCHING: 8 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Pair of Athletic Shoes (Tip #1)

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75% of Americans will experience foot problems at least once in their lifetime. In fact, the foot problems the many of us experience don’t stem from congenital conditions, but are the result of the rigorous wear-and-tear of our daily lives. Match that with the neglect and lack of proper foot care awareness and it’s quite easy to see how our feet can fall victim to those nagging aches.

One crucial step that can be taken for us to combat the war on achy feet is to wear proper fitting athletic shoes. However, there is a plan of action that we should have when on the hunt for that perfect pair.

Below is the first of what will be a series of tips to finding that perfect pair of athletic shoes…….as we like to call those goody two shoes.

Tip #1 Golden Time of Day

It’s best to shop for that perfect pair late in the afternoon. During the course of the day- when we are most active- the endless running, walking, and standing causes our feet to swell. By fitting for shoes when your feet are at their largest, ensures that your feet will be most comfortable in that pair when your feet are at their smallest- in the beginning and middle of the day.

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REMEMBER, the contour of your shoe should fit around the contour of your foot (above, right), NOT vice versa (above, left)! There should be no bulges felt- or seen- in a properly fitted shoe. Think of it as a hand-in-glove relationship…only for the foot.

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