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SOLE SEARCHING: 8 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Pair of Athletic Shoes (Tip #4)

Tip #4 Rubber Meets the Road

When on that mission to find the right shoes, you should definitely come armed with a pair of well-worn sneaks. Much like the tires on a car, the soles on our shoes become worn from prolonged usage and pounding of the pavement. In fact, the pattern in which the rubber on the bottom of our shoes becomes worn can indicate the way in which we walk (better known in the podiatry world as our gait pattern). If you have the good fortune of finding an experienced, knowledgeable sales clerk, they will likely be able to analyze your wear pattern to help find the perfect shoes for you!


However if you are not so fortunate, you can examine your own pair of shoes to identify your gait pattern.  If you are considered an underpronator, you have a tendency to supinate-during heel strike, midstance, and propulsion- causing you soles to be excessively worn at the lateral forefoot and heel. Overpronators heel strike on the lateral heel when walking, but OVERpronate with midstance and propulsion (hence the name) causing more wear on the medial forefoot. Normal pronators  supinate with heel strike, but gradually progress to pronation with midstance and propulsion causing a uniform wear of the sole of the heel and forefoot.

Other items to keep in your arsenal of shoe shopping are a pair of socks. That’s right!...but not just any pair of socks….they should be socks that you will likely wear when donning your shoes of choice. The idea is to treat those pair of shoes as if you already own them, making sure that they fit comfortably for normal day-to-day use.

 AGAIN, think hand-in-glove relationship!


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