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SOLE SEARCHING: 8 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Pair of Athletic Shoes (Tip #5)

Tip #5 The Long and the Short of it…

All feet are NOT created equal...even our own two feet we use everyday. It is NOT uncommon to find one foot to be longer than the other.  Actually, it is quite normal. Studies show that 60% of individuals have different sized feet. That’s why it is imperative to measure your feet each time you set out to purchase a pair of shoes.

But one thing to ALWAYS remember is to have your feet measured while standing up. Our feet expand when they bear weight, taking into account the width of our foot within shoes. If you are among the majority, you should aim to buy shoes that fit the larger foot (if a half to a full size difference). If greater than a full shoe size difference, you may need to where mismatch sizes to accommodate the increased difference (FYI a shoe size is roughly 1/3 of an inch).

Also, make sure that there is a thumb-width distance from the end of your longest toe (USUALLY the big toe, but the 2nd toe for some) to the edge of the toe box within the shoe. Wiggling of the toes should be able to be done with ease.


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