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SOLE SEARCHING: 8 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Pair of Athletic Shoes (Tip #6)

Tip #6 Moments of Truth

So here it is…It has come down to this…. It’s late in the afternoon, you’re shopping for a spiffy new pair, and you luck out to find the perfect sales clerk that has been able to meet your every need. They’ve analyzed your feet and they have your gait pattern down to a science. All good, right!?!.....well not quite! There are still three simple tests you need to perform to complete your conquest:

·         Heel counter Test- A strong heel counter makes for a stable heel and thus a stable foot altogether. Simply grasp the mid-portion of the heel from the sides using your thumb and index finger and squeeze firmly. If the heel counter hardly gives, you have a well fortified heel counter- crucial for overpronators.

·         Flexion Test- A well made sole should hold firm and ONLY bend at the widest part of your shoe- the ball of your foot. Take the shoe, holding the opposite ends in both hands. Fold the shoe upward attempting to bring you hands together. The shoe should only fold at the ball of the foot (aka the breakpoint). Your foot only bends at the ball of the foot and so should your shoes.

·         Torsion Test- medial and lateral flexibility of the sole is fine, but too much of it can spell danger for a pair of shoes. To find out, hold the shoe as you would for the flexion test, but instead twist the front and back of the shoe in opposite directions. Again, some flexibility is expected, but you SHOULD NOT be able to twist the shoe onto itself.


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