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January 09, 2014


Swell No!!


Listen up diabetics and the elderly!! Teeth-chattering cold temps during the winter months can often result in a drop in our activity levels. These factors can contribute to reduced blood circulation (especially in our legs & feet), leading to increased swelling of the ankles & feet. It is always important to maintain a healthy, routine activity level year-round. Cabin fever? Just say NO!!

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January 07, 2014

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Jack Frost Nipping at Your…Toes?


Avoid wearing cotton socks in frigid cold temperatures! Cotton socks absorb the sweat from your feet and with cold temps, cools the sweat, making your tootsies even more chiilled. Instead, look for socks made of synthetic materials (nylon, special polyesters, etc) to keep your feet on the go!

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December 31, 2013


New Year, New You: 4 Tips to Improve Yourself From Head to Toe

The ball has dropped, you’ve popped the cork, and partied the night away!  It is officially a new year!  But as we give a big ol’ hey y’all to 2016, here are 4 tips you should keep in mind while striving to become a New You in the New Year!

Whether you have been “cuttin’ a rug” to bring in the new year or have made that all-too-familiar new year’s resolution of finally shedding those unwanted pounds, the bottom line is that your feet take quite a licking. To reward your tired twosomes, it is always a good idea to keep them in tip-top shape. You can’t go wrong with soaking, scrubbing, and moisturizing!

As a new year arrives, so come the countless new year’s resolutions…and leading the way for the most common is…you guessed it…WEIGHT LOSS! Studies show that the average American gains up to 10lbs during the holiday season. But while we make these promises to shed our holiday spread, finding the perfect pair of “sneaks” is an absolute must for any successful workout routine.

Shedding those excess pounds is only half the battle to obtain AND maintain good health. A vitamin-rich diet matched with routine exercise is the perfect one-two punch for a healthy new you!

It is no secret how beneficial water is for our bodies. Drinking the recommended 9 glasses per day gives your body a much better chance in fighting such conditions as joint pain and relaxing those cramping achy muscles-just to name a few. It can also be quite helpful to prevent hangovers. Excess alcohol that is consumed dehydrates the body and contributes to the crummy, not-so-good feelings felt the morning after. Consuming water before, during, and after a night of drinking will work wonders. Cheers!

So here’s to 2015!!!!

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July 08, 2013


Sweet Tea Recipe!



With the sweltering heat here in Brooklyn we thought it would be a good time to post our favorite sweet tea recipe.  


Peach Mango Iced Tea

4 Lipton Island Mango and Peach tea bags

2 American Classic Charleston Tea, Plantation Peach tea bags

2 Liters of water

1/4c - 1/2c Agave Nectar to taste (Domino or Wholesome Sweetner)

1 mango, lemon and/or 2 peaches sliced 


Brew tea, add agave sweetener and let cool.  Add tea to a tall glass of ice and enjoy! Garnish with sliced peaches or lemon!  You can also freeze the fruit and add to your tea after brewing.



April 24, 2013


Time Out New York

Hey Y'all,

Check out our feature in Time Out New York! We debut at Hester Street Fair in NYC on Saturday, May 4th!!

Where will we pop up next?.....y'all stay tuned!

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April 17, 2013



Sweaty feet STILL got you in a funk?

Here are 4 MORE remedies you can use to fight sweaty feet.

1.       Hair today, gone tomorrow! Hair harbors more bacteria than your skin. Removal of the excess hair from your feet helps minimize odor, while causing a drop in sweat production. Chop-chop!

2.       Replace insoles every 2-3 months. While insoles contribute to a comfortable fitting shoe, they also absorb much of the excess perspiration from your feet. Over time, your insoles become quite saturated and develop a not-so-pleasant aroma.

3.       Put a sock ON it! Cotton socks are a known help for soaking up the sweat. But did you know that merino wool is another fabric to consider? This material is common in athletic wear and is praised for its ability to absorb sweat without feeling wet.

May we also suggest…


4.       Botox. Yes, you read right! This anti-aging technique not only work wonders on crow’s feet but can do a number on YOUR feet. The botox is administered via a series of injections where the nerves become paralyzed, stifling excess feet sweating. The price for the procedure can be a bit steep (in the neighborhood of $1000+) AND the effects are only temporary- lasting 6 months to a year.  

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April 10, 2013




What does the number 250,000 and your feet have in common?

(Cue the theme from jeopardy)……Oh, times up!

That’s the total number of sweat glands found in your feet. On average, these glands can excrete up to half a pint of sweat per day. But for some of us, this quantity may only be a drop in the bucket. Sweating is a normal function to cool the body, but with excess sweat- known as hyperhydrosis- comes a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and the dreaded stench from smelly feet. Combine other factors such as high physical activity and a warm climate and sweaty feet can REALLY get out of hand (ha!).

Here are 7 remedies you can use to fight sweaty feet.

1.       Wearing cotton socks with close-toed shoes is a MUST! Socks act as a barrier to soak up the sweat. Bare feet + sweat + shoes= a STINKY situation!  Avoid dark colors (navy blue, black) due to their ability to retain heat. Replace socks AT LEAST once daily. Socks can become saturated with sweat and cause more harm than good (i.e. blisters).

2.       Swap shoes. NEVER wear the same shoes in consecutive days. Allow your shoes to air out at least 24 hours each time after they are worn.

3.       Dust feet with foot powder. The soles of the feet, between the toes, and inside the shoes are the areas of concern.

4.      Soaking your feet in a basin of warm water and Epsom salt deodorizes and draws out toxins that your feet encounter during the day. Repeat this 3 to 4 times per week.

5.       Make sure your feet are completely dry AFTER bathing. Pay special attention in between the toes. Moist, warm environments that are tight and enclosed are a recipe for disaster against keeping your feet clean and dry.

6.       Watch your diet. That’s right…. spicy food, alcohol, and drinks with caffeine (coffee, tea, sodas) can promote increased sweating.

7.       Spray the insides of your shoes with Lysol to eliminate bacteria. We all know sweaty feet that reek go hand-in-hand. Use this as a one, two punch with the other remedies mentioned.


What has been your experience?  Any other remedies you’ve found to be a “go-to” for sweaty feet?

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April 04, 2013


SOLE SEARCHING: 8 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Pair of Athletic Shoes (Tips #7 & #8)



Tip #7 Take ‘em For a Spin/ Tip #8 Stylin and Profilin

If the pair of shoes that you have been scoping has made it this far on the tips list, then that’s a pretty good sign. But you don’t buy a car without going for a test spin or sign on the dotted line before purchasing a home, and neither should be the case for shoes. Never hesitate to walk around the shoe store or even jog in place to ensure that you have truly become one with your goody two shoes. There should be absolutely NO break-in period when buying shoes (sorry Mom!).

Shoes should be treated as a wise investment- much like cars and homes. We only get one pair of feet for a lifetime, so we have to treat with the utmost care!

It is worth noting that no matter how taylor-made a pair of shoes may seem for your feet- in terms matching foot type, fit, and comfort- the bottom line is that unless your shoes look any good, you’re not likely to wear them. In the midst of finding comfort, that element of eye-candy certainly plays a part. The style should not be “the” determining factor, however. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that matters most (Awww!).

Won’t you share your thoughts on the steps mentioned?

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March 27, 2013


SOLE SEARCHING: 8 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Pair of Athletic Shoes (Tip #6)

Tip #6 Moments of Truth

So here it is…It has come down to this…. It’s late in the afternoon, you’re shopping for a spiffy new pair, and you luck out to find the perfect sales clerk that has been able to meet your every need. They’ve analyzed your feet and they have your gait pattern down to a science. All good, right!?!.....well not quite! There are still three simple tests you need to perform to complete your conquest:

·         Heel counter Test- A strong heel counter makes for a stable heel and thus a stable foot altogether. Simply grasp the mid-portion of the heel from the sides using your thumb and index finger and squeeze firmly. If the heel counter hardly gives, you have a well fortified heel counter- crucial for overpronators.

·         Flexion Test- A well made sole should hold firm and ONLY bend at the widest part of your shoe- the ball of your foot. Take the shoe, holding the opposite ends in both hands. Fold the shoe upward attempting to bring you hands together. The shoe should only fold at the ball of the foot (aka the breakpoint). Your foot only bends at the ball of the foot and so should your shoes.

·         Torsion Test- medial and lateral flexibility of the sole is fine, but too much of it can spell danger for a pair of shoes. To find out, hold the shoe as you would for the flexion test, but instead twist the front and back of the shoe in opposite directions. Again, some flexibility is expected, but you SHOULD NOT be able to twist the shoe onto itself.


Won’t you share your thoughts on the steps mentioned?

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March 20, 2013


SOLE SEARCHING: 8 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Pair of Athletic Shoes (Tip #5)

Tip #5 The Long and the Short of it…

All feet are NOT created equal...even our own two feet we use everyday. It is NOT uncommon to find one foot to be longer than the other.  Actually, it is quite normal. Studies show that 60% of individuals have different sized feet. That’s why it is imperative to measure your feet each time you set out to purchase a pair of shoes.

But one thing to ALWAYS remember is to have your feet measured while standing up. Our feet expand when they bear weight, taking into account the width of our foot within shoes. If you are among the majority, you should aim to buy shoes that fit the larger foot (if a half to a full size difference). If greater than a full shoe size difference, you may need to where mismatch sizes to accommodate the increased difference (FYI a shoe size is roughly 1/3 of an inch).

Also, make sure that there is a thumb-width distance from the end of your longest toe (USUALLY the big toe, but the 2nd toe for some) to the edge of the toe box within the shoe. Wiggling of the toes should be able to be done with ease.


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